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一笼之隔与大白鲨相对无言, 听到的只有自己呼吸声… 不, 是心跳声。

记得在几小时前, 我们高高兴兴的到达 Gansbaai, 听過安全示范讲解後, 换上潜水衣, 套上救生衣.. 船已开到潜水的地点。 惊险的活动由一阵冰冷海水拥上身开始; 慢慢的把身体下移到船旁的笼底, 直至眼睛接触到约会的对象静静地在笼边擦过, 回一回神 - 我还活着…

虽然有很多电影故事渲染, 大白鲨最大只约6米长。 鲨群的数量正加速下降; 原因为过度捕杀, 成为佳肴宴客。大白鲨在南非水域是受保护, 即捕猎, 杀害及作贸易用途都是非法的。

活动日程 - 全日活动 (半天活动限于参加者住宿Gansbaai 区)

  • 离开普敦市中心180公里 (两小时车程) - 可提供接送
  • 轻便早餐于0800
  • 约0900 开船
  • 船程25分钟到Dyer Island 及Gysers Rock - 开普海狮之家
  • 寻找下锚点
  • 在海上3-4 小时 (3至4人同时下水)
  • 返回码头用午膳, 观看刚才录影带

收费 (由01-08-2009 至 31-07-2010):

  • 兰特1350一人(含早餐, 船程及潜水)
  • 接送收费 - 从开普敦市中心到Gansbaai 往返为兰特350一人


AAA Travel –
Shark Cage Diving

There’s nothing like a close encounter with a great white shark to get your heart racing. It is a combination of things that will soon have you giggling like a schoolgirl and babbling like a baby: arrive in Gansbaai, listen to the safety briefing, get into the neoprene wetsuit, slide into your life-jacket… finally the boat cruise to the dive spot, the anticipation of adventure, the first cold rush of water as you lower yourself into the briny deep and then the silent glide-by of a magnificent animal that will remind you that you’re alive…

Although there are lots of tall stories, the biggest great whites are usually around six metres long. Shark populations are declining at alarming rates and over-fishing for delicacies such as shark fin soup are to blame. Great whites are protected in South African waters, meaning it is illegal to catch or kill them, or to trade with their body parts.

Facts – full day activity (half day possible if guests stay in area Gansbaai):

  • 180km from Cape Town (2 hours drive) – transfers can be arranged.
  • Light breakfast at 08h00
  • Leave the shore by approx 9h00
  • 25 min boat ride to Dyer Island and Gysers Rock, home to hundreds of Cape Fur Seals
  • look for an anchoring point
  • 3-4 hours at sea (shark dive – 3 – 4 guests at the same time)
  • return to shore for lunch and watch videos taken on the boat trip

Price for Shark Cage Dive (valid 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2010):

  • ZAR 1’350.00 per person (including breakfast, boat ride, shark dive)
  • Price for return transfer Cape Town – Gansbaai – Cape Town: ZAR 350.00 per person

Our supplier supports shark research projects and operates under fair trade tourism label.

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