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  • 花园大道上的项目
  • 可加插于一般南非之旅

南非最著名为其自然美景, 齐齐卡马森林国家公园一带 (Tsitsikamma National Park and Storms River Mouth)是其中追求自然, 活力及刺激的旅客目的地。 位于美妙的花园大道上, 您可以冒险体验世界最高蹦极跳, 也可以玩漂流及深海潜水, 或森林树顶滑翔。 更可以跟从昔日木匠森林之旅。 三天的特別安排定為您洗涤心灵及训練心脏机能!


住宿 Storms River 营地的特色小木屋3晚

到达乔治机场 (George Airport) 收取已预订的租车, 先停于附近超市购买日常用品及食物, 後驱往齐齐卡马森林国家公园的Storms River河口的特色小木屋。

沿途风景如画; 延绵的群山, 海洋及森林交织出难忘的景象。除此外行程包括2个刺激的活動:


在森林中穿梭, 乘坐特设于森林行走的车辆, 到旧河区 (Storms River Pass), 体验土著森林。紧贴大象行踪, 越过Yellowwoods及 Stinkwoods, 细述当地的历史及动植物。于Storms River河畔细味品尝丰富的郊野午餐, 这里正是早期欧洲移民聚居所。


非洲首个树顶滑翔。欣赏陡峭的高山, 茂密的丛林。滑翔于30米高的树顶平台, 手握铁滑轮, 由一棵滑到另一棵, 共若10棵的行程, 脚下正是一遍的茂林。这里也是观赏雀鸟的好地方, 导游亦会介绍茂林的各生态。活动安全有确保, 导游亦非常专业。

在纳斯那 (Knysna) 及Plettenberg Bay 附近有购物点及餐厅, 亦有很多水上活动如滑水, 游船观光及步行径。亦可参观大象保护所及猴子天堂。

此3天行程包括住宿, 租车, 木匠之旅及齐齐卡马森林树顶滑翔。团价为兰特2100 (一人价以两人同宿为准)

AAA Travel –
Tsitsikamma Active Get Away (3 days)

  • stop on the Garden Route
  • add to any usual South africa itinerary

Enjoy the outdoors in some of South Africa’s most spectacular surroundings. Tsitsikamma National Park, Storms River Mouth and the surrounding areas are home to a host of exciting and interesting activities. Spend 3 nights in these spectacular surroundings to replenish your soul and increase the heartrate.


Spend 3 nights in the Chalet at Storms River Rest Camp

Arrive at George Airport, collect your car and make a stop at a supermarket for supplies before making your way to your cabin at Storms River Mouth in the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Besides the breathtaking scenery, sound of the waves nearby and the suspension bridge to explore, we have 2 exciting excursions included in the package:

Woodcutters Tour

Journey down the old Storms River Pass and experience the indigenous forest from the comfort of a specially-designed vehicle. Follow the elephant trail, passing yellowwoods and stinkwoods, while hearing about the history of the area and the indigenous flora and fauna. Enjoy a delicious lunch or tea at a beautiful picnic site next to the Storms River, where wagons outspanned more than a century ago.


A first in Africa. Enjoy the unequaled beauty of the indigenous forest high up on ten treetop platforms. Gently glide along in a harness, on steel cables 30 meters above the forest floor. Birdlife is abundant (including Knysna Loeries and the elusive Narina Trojan), and your guides will explain the ecology of the lush primeval forest. Safety is paramount, and the system has been built to the highest civil engineering standards. Guides are fully-trained professionals.

Nearby Knysna and Plettenberg Bay offer shopping and restaurants and there are a range of additional exciting excursions including black water tubing, boat cruises and nature walks. Visit the Elephant Sanctuary nearby where you can feed these majestic creatures or MoneyLand to walk through natural forest observing these fascinating animals.

Included in the package is accommodation, car hire, the canopy tour and woodcutters tour. Price ZAR2100 per person sharing.

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