3A旅行社 - 开普敦六天五夜潜水之旅
AAA Travel - Cape Town 6 Days 5 Nights Diving Package

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3A旅行社 -
开普敦 六天五夜潜水之旅

天然地理位置令南非享受两种不同的水底生态系统, 亦因此拥有各具特色美丽的潜水世界。 大西洋的寒流生长了很多海草林, 加上数世纪的狂风暴雨坏境, 令海底有数以百计的沉船, 有待被探索。 印度洋的热带暖流孕育了各种各樣的自然生态, 包括鲸鲨, 珊瑚礁及拥挤在一起的鱼群, 还有海狮及大海龟。


  • 五晚入住开普敦市的Fountain 3星酒店 (含早餐)
  • 开普敦水族馆与鲸鲨潜水
  • 两天开普潜水活动 (含船费及潜水设备用具费, 每天两潜)
    • Gansbaai : 大白鲨出没处
    • Simons Town: 蓝鲨、沉船
  • 注意潜水地点可因天气改动
  • 不建仪进行潜水活动24小时内乘坐飞机
  • 接送另议
  • 延长住宿另议
  • 团费每人兰特6200 (以两人同住为准)

AAA Travel –
Cape Town 6 Days 5 Nights Diving Package

Benefiting from two oceans with distinctly different underwater ecosystems, South Africa boasts some of the most varied and beautiful diving locations in the world. The colder waters of the Atlantic is full of kelp forests, and thanks to centuries of stormy windy weather, hundreds of shipwrecks are just waiting to be explored. The more tropical waters of the Indian Ocean offers an incredible variety of wildlife including whale sharks, coral reefs teeming with fish and playful sea turtles and seals. Please click here for details.

Itinerary includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation at Fountain Hotel (3*) in Cape Town City with Bed & Breakfast
  • Aquarium dive with whale sharks
    • Gansbaai - 1 day shark diving with Great Whites Sharks
    • Simons Town - 1 day shark diving with Mal & Blue Sharks. Locations of shipwrecks
  • Site dependent on weather and conditions
  • Suggested no scuba diving during 24 hours before flying
  • Transfers available on request
  • Additional nights available on request
  • Total cost ZAR6200 per person sharing (based on 2 people sharing room)
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