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Africa Panda 非洲熊貓

Dynamite comes in small pack - with faith in passion, we will create market value.
Mr. Bradley Brouwer
Regional Manager: Asia Pacific of South African Tourism - Mr. Bradley Brouwer
Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa

Let’s look at our Africa Panda logo - it is a Panda in front of the African continent. A close business connection between Africa and China (Panda).

讓我們看看非洲熊貓的標誌 : 站在非洲大陸前的熊貓 - 代表非洲和中國(熊貓)之間密切的業務聯繫。

Africa Panda is a tourism marketing company based in Hong Kong. We specialize in tourism products between Africa and China. With over 16 years’ expertise in the African tourism industry, we handle airline ticketing, African tour package for individual and group, corporate and government delegations. This background makes us proud to bring you and your guests a new spectrum of African tour. Different from the mainstream tour, we showcase a wider range of African tourist attractions and products for special interest and incentive. We invite you to discuss with us your travel needs and we are delighted to provide you tailored made African travel solutions.

植根香港, 非洲熊貓是一個旅遊營銷公司。 我們專營非洲與中國之間的旅遊產品。籍著在非洲旅遊業16年以上的專業知識,我們经營航空公司票務, 個人和團體非洲旅遊及企業和政府代表團等等。 我們的資歷使我們自豪,充滿信心為您和您的客人帶來新的非洲旅遊資訊及產品。 有別於主流旅遊,我們展示更全面的非洲旅遊景點和產品選擇。 我們誠邀您跟我們討論旅行需要,讓我們可以為您提供度身訂造的非洲旅遊解決方案。

Africa Panda proudly present to you the endorsement letter from the Regional Manager: Asia Pacific of South African Tourism - Mr. Bradley Brouwer. Africa Panda is also Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa.

非洲熊貓很榮幸地獲得南非旅遊局亞太區域總經理白文博先生的推薦。同時, 非洲熊貓亦是南非旅遊公平貿易的認可機構。

We have detailed description of certain products in this website. Any kind of product enquiry is welcomed. Please let us know your travel needs and send email to info@africapanda.com.

Africa Panda Enterprise Ltd
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351-353 King’s Road, North Point,
Hong Kong

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E-mail : info@africapanda.com
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