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We are sharing with you some surprising and unknown things about South Africa. Did you know about them:

Our newsletter brings you news from South Africa because we truly believe South Africa as a tourist destination has so much to offer and majority of them are natural. Tourists may not fully aware of this richness of wealth, which we would like to expose them to you. This is the last newsletter of 2008 and we thank you for your unfailing support and encouragement. We would make better according to your suggestions. Thank you very much! On behalf of management and staff of Africa Panda, we wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2009!

Showing you the country’s world firsts (all natural) may surprise you:

Once upon atime: The rocks around Barberton in Mpumalanga are some of the most ancient in the world - over three billion years old. South Africa has the oldest meteor scar in the world. The meteor plummeted to Earth nearly two billion years ago, predating the heady days of oxygen and multi-celled life. The Vredefort Dome was recently declared a World Heritage Site. Most of the world's proto-mammalian fossils are found in the Karoo region - along with a 280 million year old fossilized shark. According to recent studies, the star-watching town of Sutherland in the Northern Cape is one of the most geologically stable places on Earth, yet it has a 66-million year old volcano, not yet officially extinct.

Natural richness: South Africa is ranked number one in the world for its floral kingdom. She is home to the world’s smallest succulent plants (less than 10 mm) and the largest (the baobab). Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world (and the largest ‘green canyon’). The Grand Canyon in the US is the biggest, and second place goes to the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. The Tugela Falls is the second highest waterfall in the world, where the water tumbles down 850 metres. (First place goes to the Angel Falls in Venezuela at 979 metres). Lake Fundudzi in Venda is possibly the world’s only inland freshwater lake formed by a landslide. South Africa has the third highest level of biodiversity in the world, together with Zimbabwe and Mozambique, they are tearing down fences between the countries’ game parks to create a 35 000 square kilometers game park which will become the largest conservation area in the world.

We would show you the lesser-known facts of South Africa’s world competitiveness and achievement in our next news.

Mango from South Africa - Flying Mango
Supported by its mother company - South African Airways, it is the youngest domestic airline

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Sama Tours - 2009 Scheduled Itinerary

Sama Tours has announced its 2009 scheduled itinerary! There are in total 24 tours ready to go; a choice between 5 days to 19 days itinerary; travel passes South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia etc; price from USD830 up per person sharing accommodation and motorcycle (price quoted for reference only). The most popular itinerary includes Mpumalanga Meander 5 Days Tour, African Explorer 7 Days Tour, Motorcycle Train 10 Days Tour, Ultimate African 12 Days Experience Tour, Best SA Roadtrip Ever 16/17 Days Tour, Sun, Sea and Wildlife 16 Days Tour, Whale Watching 18 Days Tour, Spas and Safaris 18 Days Luxury Tour, Victoria Falls Motorcycle 19 Days Tour. Minimum 1 person and guaranteed departure. Sama Tours also have tailored made group itinerary. For itinerary information, please click here.

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Red Wine Tasting Activity in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has become the international red wine hub. Next time you are in this red wine paradise, why don’t you try a wine tasting or wine dining. At your European cuisine, the expert would introduce the knowledge of red wine and its pairing to different dishes. All wines are from France, Italy and South Africa. For further enquiry, please click here,complete and send back the form.

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