Travel Tips

Weather and ideal travel season

Regarding to the different location of South Africa and Hong Kong, the weather of these two places are totally reversed. South Africa is in Southern Hemisphere and Hong Kong is in Northern Hemisphere. For example, while Hong Kong is in winter, South Africa is in summer. Hong Kong is having subtropical climate, which has high humidity and high rainfall. South Africa does not have much rainfall but the weather is unpredictable, sunshine and thunderstone may appear simultaneously. Temperature difference is big between day and night in South Africa and tourists are suggested to bring a jacket along you during the journey.

The best season visiting South Africa is depending on which part of South Africa are you going to visit. There’s no any standard statement saying when the best season for visiting South Africa is. For example, if you are going to Cape Town or Garden route to visit Table Mountain, Cape point, stalactite cave and ride ostrich, it’s more suitable to visit in spring (Sept to Nov) as the mild weather is proper to do outdoor sightseeing activities. However, if you want to go to safari to capture movement of wildlife animal, you are suggested to go in winter (June to Sept) as tree leafs will fall in winter so that tourists can clearly see how animals are looked like.

Language and Transportation

The official language of South Africa is English and so it’s convenient for verbal communication. However, the transportation infrastructure is not well developed that the service hour of train and bus are only available till 7pm, the schedule of transportation is also very infrequent, so that it’s not convenient for tourist to enjoy their night life. Because of this reason, tourists are not recommended to go out at night. South Africa is a very big country and if you want to arrange cross city traveling, domestic flight maybe a better choice instead of bus as it can save time but costs are similar.

Souvenir and Visa

The most world famous souvenir of South Africa are diamond, abalone and red wine; but if you are looking for something special, traditional handicraft, dried fruit and African snack must be able to satisfy your need.

For Visa, HKSAR passport or BNO passport holder are visa-free. For electricity plug, South Africa is using three-pin round plug, which is different from what Hong Kong using.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a safe and fun journey, it’s better to consultant a travel agent who is trustworthy and familiar with South Africa, in order to plan for a unique tailor-made and also unforgettable journey.